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Introducing SOAR Workshops from Streamline

 Breakthrough Online Technology Will Transform Your Painting Skills By Helping You Learn Faster, Retain More Information, Practice Efficiently, And Become The Absolute Best Painter You Can Be!


Thomas Schaller

Thomas Schaller SOAR Workshop

May 12th - 15th, 2021

Thomas Schaller

Busy people want to learn to paint faster and retain more of what they learn. These exclusive one-of-a-kind workshops use efficient interactive learning techniques designed to help you make significant and consistent progress so you become a better painter and design your own signature style.

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Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson SOAR Workshop

March 10th - 13th, 2021

Bill Davidson

A triple power workshop that will spark your best paintings ever. You'll be painting more, painting faster, and best of all, painting better! Bill calls it IMAGINEERING and he has mastered it through teaching over 150 workshops to artists who have embraced these skills to catapult their growth -- and now you can, too!

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Dear Friends,

I’ve failed you.

In spite of all the things we do, I could have made it all better.

Those who know me know I have a deep passion for teaching a million people to paint. 

I’m doing this because painting opened my eyes and changed my heart, and I want this for others.


There are eye-opening moments in our lives.

One minute you think you’re doing a good job, and the next moment, you learn something new and realize you could have been doing things better.

I just experienced one of those moments, and it has led me on a new journey. Though I thought I was giving you our best, I’ve realized I could have done better. Forgive me.

Everything Starts with Questions

My mentor Keith taught me that the answer to every problem lies in the questions you ask.

He encourages me to identify a problem and then write down as many questions about that problem as I can. He says, "Don’t stop till you have 50 questions, and then spend hours just thinking about the answers."

Since I make my living in the world of art education … teaching people about art through my magazines, teaching people how to make art through our conventions and online events and videos…

My biggest question was this: How can I make people learn better and faster?

After my thinking time, I started digging into learning. I started talking to experts and reading books to learn the state of the art. I was on a journey to find answers that would make everything significantly better.

Today’s Teaching Is a Scientific Art

Just because someone is a good painter does not mean they are a good teacher. People can study under someone for months and not grasp concepts, but a good teacher, employing modern scientific techniques (that you may not even realize are being used), helps you retain things more.

Even with good teachers, it's hard to retain everything. That’s why many of us attend workshops or watch videos over and again.

The Zoom Revolution?

To make matters worse … now we’re learning on Zoom and other virtual platforms.

My college kids have all their classes online. The overall class grades have slipped by 30 percent at colleges across America because students are bored and they’re not learning.

Because our art world is also shifting to online learning, I hear from people who tell me they are taking courses, but not making the progress they had hoped they could.

So my next question was, How can I employ these modern learning techniques to overcome online learning issues in a Zoom-like environment?

Frustrated Artists

To make matters worse, artists who want to teach are also having to deal with technology and online learning, and it’s taking them off their game. As a result, we’ve heard from top artists asking us to do all that for them.

But I was not happy with just doing it for them. I wanted to do it in a way that would capture the high level of production quality in our regular videos.

So the solution was to invent a new way of teaching online, using modern learning technology and techniques.

Introducing SOAR Workshops™ from Streamline Art.


This long journey has resulted in the creation of SOAR, employing these learning techniques in art education online. We believe you will retain more, and become a better painter, in a shorter period of time. 

We will soon be announcing a series of top artists who will be offering SOAR workshops following our exclusive SOAR learning system so you can achieve rapid transformation. If we’re right…

  • You’ll retain more
  • You’ll learn faster
  • ​You’ll be painting better
  • ​You’ll be less frustrated
  • ​You’ll find your own voice
  • ​You’ll be happier overall

As happens for everything we do, there will be copycats soon. Let’s just hope they’ve truly done their homework. And, if it makes us all better, bring it on.

Innovations for SOAR Online Workshops….

  • Online learning employing modern learning techniques. 
  • Introducing ONE-DAY PASSES. Have you ever attended a workshop and said, "That artist isn’t for me?" We’ve all done it. But we have no way of knowing beforehand. You can "buy in" to a SOAR workshop for one day (just the first day), and if you like it, you’ll be able to purchase the remaining days. But if you don’t love it, you will have learned the artist’s foundational principles and not wasted your time or money.
  • ​Each workshop will offer members a private Facebook page with the artist.
  • Live-workshop attendees get three one-hour follow-up calls as a group, to work further on your progress.
  • We’ll end each day with a one-hour Zoom discussion cocktail hour, like the ones we invented for PleinAir Live, Realism Live, and Watercolor Live.
  • ​You can paint along at the end of each day, just as we introduced for PleinAir Live, Realism Live, and Watercolor Live.
  • You’ll also be able to attend online OR in person. Due to COVID, we’re keeping the in-person to a maximum of 5 people. 
  • ​Replays are available for full-workshop attendees, including the in-person attendees, so you can return to study what you missed when you needed to take a break.

A Red-Letter Day

My grandmother used to call days with big accomplishments "red-letter days." For years I’ve been asking myself how to improve on what we’re already doing well. SOAR is one answer. I think this is a red-letter day.

Eric Rhoads, Publisher
PleinAir Magazine

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