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Introducing SOAR Workshops from Streamline

First in the SOAR Workshop Series


March 10-13, 2021

 Breakthrough Online Technology Will Transform Your Painting Skills By Helping You Learn Faster, Retain More Information, Practice Efficiently, And Become The Absolute Best Painter You Can Be!

Bill Davidson

oil painting • landscapes

Busy people want to learn to paint faster and retain more of what they learn. These exclusive one-of-a-kind workshops use efficient interactive learning techniques designed to help you make significant and consistent progress so you become a better painter and design your own signature style.
This workshop will be offered online over 4 days from March 10 - 13, 2021 — 9:30am to 5pm CT with a group Zoom call / cocktail party at the end of each day. 

Bill Davidson SOAR Workshop

March 10th - 13th, 2021

In partnership with master artist Bill Davidson, Streamline Art will conduct an online accelerated learning workshop March 10 - 13, 2021. This workshop will help you dramatically improve your landscape painting, whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter.

Rather than hold in-person workshops in 2021, Bill Davidson will be leading this new and innovative Streamline Online Artist Revitalization (SOAR) workshop. This is a rare opportunity to study under Bill directly from the safety and comfort of your own home - no travel, no hassle, and no masks required!

This effective format will help you speed your progress so you can become a much better painter much faster — and who doesn't want that?


A triple power workshop that will spark your best paintings ever. You'll be painting more, painting faster, and best of all, painting better! Bill calls it IMAGINEERING and he has mastered it through teaching over 150 workshops to artists who have embraced these skills to catapult their growth -- and now you can, too!

Backed by neuroscience, Bill will lead you in tapping into your own imagination, helping you increase your belief in yourself, and discover how to be happier, more optimistic, and to succeed in art or any other desire you have in life. This workshop will help you become a better painter and find a whole new spark for life because you'll now be in a positive, warp-speed mindset -- a major key to success!

A past trial lawyer turned professional artist, Bill has always been interested in how the human brain works. He has spent years conducting in-depth research on what it takes to succeed while enjoying the journey along the way. Over these four days, Bill will help you see why you're probably not reaching your full potential as an artist as he lays out a simplified, fun path showing you what really works. Further, he'll bust the myth that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Study with Bill and find out the best and shortest path to success.


If you've ever experienced "way-over-my-head" art teaching that used confusing, high-level verbiage and complicated techniques, you'll appreciate Bill's simple and clear speaking and teaching style. This makes learning from him a breeze and allows you to retain more information for a longer period of time.

Plan to paint right along as Bill, in his fun and entertaining way, takes you step-by-step through two full gorgeous landscape paintings that have been specifically designed to teach you skills that will be the most helpful to you.

Bill keeps everything simple -- from his language to instruction and demonstrations. His presentations are logical and organized, making it easier for you to focus and absorb all that will help you grow exponentially.

Best part? This is not a one-way workshop! All throughout, Bill will provide feedback to students and will even provide hands-on tips to the onsite students (where both onsite and online students can see!)

Bill will paint FIVE vignette pieces with a focus on specific subjects, making this an extremely comprehensive workshop:

  • Waterfalls and running water
  • Buildings and architecture
  • Blending building (man-made) features with nature (flowers / greenery)
  • ​Rocks and cliffs
  • ​Reflections

During the workshop, you'll immediately feel the benefits:


By using simple techniques to look at photos and art, you'll soon be seeing things better and differently! This alone will help you because you can more easily paint what you're really seeing!


Materials can cause problems for students and artists at all levels. Bill simplifies your materials and shows you how to stick with only what's necessary. Just wait and see how much money you save by not buying every new art trinket!


The workshop begins with small value (grey scale) studies and then moves to the first round of very thin paint application, a true key to speedy growth. Setting the bones / foundation for your painting will answer some of the most common questions: 

- How do I decide on the focal area? 
- How do shapes and abstract guidelines work?
- What will the flow of the painting be? How can I guide the viewer's eyes?
- How can I create a specific feeling or mood? 
- Can you help me with color harmony?
- How can I avoid muddy colors?

The workshop then continues with a deep dive into color, mixing, more on value, chromatic features, temperature, vibration, shadows, washes, etc. You'll find you've never gone this far in studying color before!

As the lessons continue, you'll be seeing more and more of what Bill does that makes his paintings stand out from the crowd and why his work has brought much acclaim.


Over the four days, you'll feel as though you've taken a full art course. If you're finding yourself stuck in your artwork and not advancing, you must attend this workshop with Bill. His work is extraordinary and he'll help you raise the bar on your own paintings so that you can quickly advance your skills.

Bill shares it all here — creating a certain mood or feeling, bringing in depth and contrast, adding drama and excitement ... he leaves nothing out and you'll have a front row seat to the entire event!

Bill will even share his final "checklist" that he goes through before he decides a painting is done! You'll delight in the feeling you'll get when you check everything on the list, step back, look at your painting and KNOW that it is finished.

Not only will you be a better painter, others will begin to notice a difference in your work after you practice and implement what you learn in this workshop.


Dates: March 10-13, 2021
Time: 9:30am to 5pm CT

Followed by a group Zoom call/cocktail. Bill will be on Zoom to interact and offer additional feedback to the group!

When you register, you'll be provided with a suggested materials list so you'll be prepared to paint along with the exercises and lessons. This is critical if you want to take your art more seriously and get the greatest benefit from this workshop!

Now is a great time for you to make this investment in yourself and in your art. You will gain more in this four days than you probably have in years of attending single workshops and classes. There's no better way for you to rapidly accelerate your painting skills so that you can become the best painter you WANT to be!

One Day Pass
  • Access to the first day of workshop online 
  • Access to Exclusive Bill Davidson Silent Auction
  • 1 week of replays viewing (until March 17)
  • Access to first day evening Q&A Paint-along
  • Access to interactive teaching segments and coaching of live in person attendees
  • Access to 4 days of workshop online live
  • Access to Exclusive Bill Davidson Silent Auction
  • 3 months of replay viewing (until June 13)
  • Access to 4 day evening Q&A Paint-along
  • Access to interactive teaching segments and coaching of live in person attendees
  • Access to Special Bill Davidson SOAR Workshop Private Facebook page
Limit 5 people in-person *
  • Access to 4 days of workshop live in-person *
  • Access to Exclusive Bill Davidson Silent Auction
  • 1 year of replay viewing
  • Access to 4 day Q&A Paint-along
  • Access to interactive segments and coaching of live in person attendees
  • Access to Special Bill Davidson SOAR Workshop Private Facebook page
  • Limited edition signed numbered Bill Davidson Print
  • Participate in 3 monthly group coaching calls following live event (March-April-May)
* MUST be able to attend the workshop live in Austin, TX on the workshop days

* Must adhere to COVID-19 protocols that are in place at the time of the event


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